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Hello ethical movers!

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month.

It is also Black History (UK), LGBT History, World Blindness, Dyslexia, and Down Syndrome Awareness Month (among others). It was Coming Out Day on October 11th.

Our intersections are complex, and the further away from the ‘norm’ we appear (or act), the more marginalized we become. ‘The norm’, of course, is artificial; created for profit. Because oppression is profitable. …This is not new to you.

What we are discussing at the moment is non-visible diversity. Visible differences only represent a small part in our myriad of intersections, though that small part bears the brunt of it. (it = oppression) So how do we create true diversity? How can we make it the norm? How can we recognize it and not make assumptions?

I’d love for all of us to publicly share the invisible struggles we have so we can normalize having them. Rarely are we alone in it. But that’s not safe for most of us yet, which means we need to build the space for conversation first.

Eventually, we’ll be able to check our assumptions before they turn into actions and navigate diversity more gracefully.

This is how we create a safe space at The Ethical Move:

  • We’ve changed our monthly team meetings from work updates to Culture Meetings, where we talk about what’s real for us right now. What we’ve learned. How we can keep learning.
  • We acknowledge the need for support and boundaries according to each of our unique abilities. We have a #self-care channel for these conversations in our Slack.
  • We move slowly as an organization, because humans can’t go as fast as social media would have us believe. Going fast only exacerbates difficult health conditions and personal circumstances – and doesn’t help us grow.
  • We review everything regularly, because things change. We evolve. What was important yesterday may not be right for us anymore today.

This is the work. It’s not in the shiny examples of perfect Instagram stories and beautiful blog posts, but in how we truly embody diversity in every facet of our work.

Yes, sometimes we also talk about ethical marketing 😉

the ethical move news.


'join our team' written in black with a yellow stroke

We’re Hiring!

We are looking for business owners who feel deeply passionate about ethical marketing to join our team 😄

The roles we are currently looking to fill:

  • Social media management: Planning and execution of content, mainly on Instagram
  • Back end support: Admin tasks and project management using Notion, ConvertKit and WordPress
  • Graphic design: Brand visuals, social and long-form content graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Canva

There are a few requirements and please note: while we are working hard to be able to pay our team, at present we are all volunteers and these roles are unpaid.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) is at the core of everything we do, so we are focusing on people who are under-represented and have intersectional identities to expand an already rich mixture of perspectives.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested. Just reply to this email to set up a chat – or send us a fresh one to


get involved

our medium.

If joining our team is a bit much (though it is incredibly enriching), you can get involved by becoming a writer for our Medium publication!

We’ve set up guidelines for you to take a look at and learn about topics we’re looking for, our style, and what we require for inclusivity. Go have a look!
medium guidelines

our medium

pledgee highlights.

We believe that using ethical marketing practices enables our clients to create sustainable businesses that focus on the lifetime of the relationship with their prospects. Not short term revenue objectives that take advantage of people using unethical marketing practices that aren’t in their best interests. By treating prospects with loving respect, everyone wins.
– Tammy Martin,
I am making the pledge because I work with parents and caregivers of young children, people who are already so targeted with harmful messaging and I don’t want to contribute to any shame, fear, or worry.
– Charlotte Peck,

Find more pledgee WHYs on our website:

Our pledgees

what we’re reading right now.

This month we’ve been thinking and talking about diversity, particularly in the context of visible and non-visible diversity. These are some of the resources we have revisited during our conversations.

The Diversity Charter

The AndHumanity Brand Inclusion Framework

more resources
*We share resources to broaden our horizons, deepen our knowledge of our industry, and learn how to market ethically. The ethical move team does not agree with every opinion, nor do we claim to have found the best resources on the subject. What support or resources would you like to see from us? Send a reply and tell us!

more resources

what we’re working on.

Our new Intention Pledge is almost ready to be shared with the world and we are so excited!

two ethical move logos on a yellow background with the words 'we're changing' in black

We’re in the last throes of changing our website, writing content, and making sure you’re supported in this transition.

If you have already pledged, you will receive an email soon to explain everything and also give you the latest version of your badge, which adheres to accessibility guidelines about colour contrast and comes with premade alt text to use on your site.

Only a few more sleeps!!

We are always here for the conversation.

If you have questions, suggestions, or an idea to share, reply to this email or reach out at If you come across a tactic that you wish someone would take a look at, please send an email to

For more ethics in your life, join The Ethical Move Community, follow @theethicalmove on Instagram and Facebook – and check out our Medium Publication!

If you have a great topic to explore in an article, please send us your submission. We need all perspectives to make this work for all humans.​

As always, thank you for following our moves!
We are so glad you’re here with us.

the ethical move.

follow our moves.

We will only use your email to send you newsletters for the ethical move. Read our privacy noticefor more information.

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