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Fee Schedule.

As of 17 April 2024


The Ethical Move takes inspiration for its self-organising practices from the concepts of sociocracy, holacracy and the Code of Conduct of The Ethical Move. Collecting any required membership fees must be balanced with the principles of social justice, non-coercion and solidarity. We strive to separate giving (contributing to the association’s purpose) and taking (participating in the club’s work).

General principles

Membership fees secure the funding of the association. The association’s necessary expenses include:

  • Communications services: Software and Cloud
  • Fees payable to government agencies, courts, lawyers and notaries
  • Expenses related to specific projects and tasks

The fee schedule governs the amount and form of membership fees payable by the following member groups:

  • Full members (eligible to vote)
  • Supporting members (not eligible to vote)
  • Honorary members (not eligible to vote)

The following types of membership fees exist (contribution types):

§ 1 Membership fee for Full and Supporting Members

We levy no fixed membership fees. To fund the association, we rely on donations from full and supporting members. Work and benefits in kind are provided on a voluntary basis.

For this purpose, appeals for donations are sent to members. These calls can be

  • of a general nature (for free use by the association) or
  • tied to a project or task(s).

A detailed list of donors and the amounts of their respective donations shall be presented to the general meeting. The board or treasurer’s report will inform members about the use of these funds at the general meeting.

§ 2 Membership fee for Honorary Members

Honorary members are exempt from membership fees.

§ 3 Donations from non-members

To fund the association, we raise donations in the form of money and contributions in kind from non-members.

The board or a working group responsible for financing and crowdfunding shall decide over the acceptance of non-member donations exceeding €50 or SEK 575. Decisions shall be made according to strict criteria that take Code of Conduct of The Ethical Move into account.

Additionally, the following criteria shall be adhered to:

  • Donors must demonstrate resource-saving, fossil-free production and services that benefit the common good
  • Donors must not use deceptive design, manipulative tactics or non-inclusive techniques in their current marketing materials

A detailed list of donors and the amounts of their respective donations will be appropriately disclosed.

Version control

Fee Schedule, last edited 17 April 2024

Adopted at the founding meeting of The Ethical Move: 17 April 2024

Copyright & Licence

The Ethical Move

TEM Fee Schedule based on CFF Beitragsordnung; CC BY-SA 4.0 Creatives for Future, CC BY-SA 4.0 The Ethical Move

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