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Our anti-racism Commitment.

We actively stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour to dismantle systemic racism, white supremacy culture, and oppressive systems that are at the heart of unethical marketing. Anti-racism is critical for an ethical world.

And even though words matter, they’re not enough.

Writing a vague statement without actions to match those words would be misleading and even amount to false advertising (which is why we have included woke-washing in our pledge).

So we’re getting specific.

this is what we’re doing.


We’ve invited Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic, and People of Colour who feel passionate about ethical marketing to join the ethical move team in their area of expertise.

Currently, we do not have any positions available, but please email us for future opportunities, we’d love to hear from you.


We have taken the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge and are taking action accordingly. We have pledged to do anti-racism work forever – or until it is no longer needed.


Collectively, we support initiatives that benefit Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic and People of Colour around the world, and we take special care to select projects that are run by the communities themselves, to avoid a phenomenon commonly known as ‘white saviour syndrome’. 

Our organization is not generating revenue yet, but once it will, we will pay minority team members first.


For our own individual businesses, we make an effort to refer and hire Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority Ethnic and People of Colour as much as possible (i.e. VAs, ad experts, designers, copywriters, etc.).


We closely inspect racism and injustice in the marketing industry and are providing anti-racist communication, design, and marketing resources in as many forms as possible. One place we share these is our resources page.


With the help of Diversity and Inclusion Experts, reading articles, manuals and interviews, we’re learning about systematic racism and white privilege to fully understand our role and further actions we can take to transform our industry and make it truly equitable for all. We are approaching this with a mindset of humble enquiry.

Here are resources that are helping us self-assess (provided to us by The Commons Consulting):

Assessing Organizational Racism Tool (PDF)

Anti-Racism Assessment Tool (PDF)

Organizational Racism Self Assessment (PDF)

we’re ready.

We are a small group of women that have decided to take on the world of marketing to create an equal, transparent, and honest marketplace.

We’ve made a few first moves, and there are many more to be made. There is a lot of oppression to deal with – enough to last a few lifetimes – so let’s get to it!

As always, we are here for the conversation.

Let us know your thoughts on our anti-racist commitment.

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