the ethical move

Jacqueline O’Donnell.

I’ve been preaching about ethical marketing for 25 years… and practising what I preach. I believe we not only need to look at removing or minimising the negatives (aggressive, noisy, sleazy, fear-driven messaging) but also to look for ways that marketing can proactively promote positive change. I believe in the positive persuaders (inclusion, commitment and consistency, belonging and uplifting) not the negative ones (such as scarcity, FOMO, and “not enoughness”). I believe marketing can lead change (eg representation of diversity, breaking stereotypes, etc) Most of all, I believe that while fear and diminishment of self-esteen may sell large quantities, quickly, it is more difficult to sell to happy people BUT happy people with good self-esteem buy better quality and waste less. They’re solving actual problems in their life not just filling an empty void – so positive marketing that boosts happiness and self-esteem will create a ripple effect that reduces materialism, returns business to the role of solution providers… and basically redesigns our entire economy….

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the ethical move